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What we do

You can get everything from us for case management as well as document management and archiving. All of our solutions are SÄHKE2 certified and work seamlessly together as separate services. Our end-to-end services are tailored to meet the unique needs of government agencies.  


How we can help you

We offer customised digital solutions that streamline and automate our customers' business processes, improving their efficiency and customer experience. With our expertise and state-of-the-art technology, we help our customers achieve their business goals and stay ahead of the digital transformation. 


Our services within eGovernment

Case & document management

We offer comprehensive solutions for case and document management systems. Our solutions are designed to streamline workflows and improve productivity by automating document and case management processes. 

We offer a range of features including document indexing, version control, audit trails, and secure document sharing. With our solutions, businesses can easily manage their cases and documents, while reducing the risk of errors and data breaches. 

Document management: A document management solution for clear lifecycle management and easy usability of all types of documents and images. This solution, which is based on open source code, ensures that your documents are always up to date and easy to find whenever you need them. The solution is suitable for all types of documents, such as agreements, instructions of use as well as patient and care instructions. 

Case Manager: A case management solution for easy and comprehensive case management of the entire organisation. 

TOJ: A records management system that covers reliable and easy-to-use records management of the entire organisation as well as lifecycle management of data. 

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Digital signature: X-Sign

In support of digital services, processes and workflows, we offer tailored digital signing services for demanding needs. A high data security level, strong authentication methods, adaptability and extensive integration opportunities are included in our solutions. 

X-Sign, designed for the public sector, offers versatile identification and signature methods, as well as ready-made workflows for the public sector's special needs.  


An electronic archiving system for the public administration – for all documents and file formats, from all sources, in one place and behind a single interface.  

The strengths of the solution are long-term storage of unchanged data and files, easy browser-based use, extensive search functionalities and data lifecycle management. X-Archive is being used, for example, in patient record management, payroll and financial administration, building inspection and education systems. 

X-Archive is Finland’s first SÄHKE2-certified storage system, and due to its differentiated system architecture, an extremely safe way to store data. X-Archive is open interfaces’ vendor neutral archive (VNA) system, which enables all file formats and metadata models. 

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twoday eBusiness Suite

twoday eBusiness Suite is a user-friendly and flexible software platform that enables the automation and digitisation of service processes. It offers various subsystems, process management, service management tools, and integrations.   

We have extensive expertise and development capacity, enabling us to respond quickly and efficiently to our customers' changing needs. 


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