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X-Sign electronic signature for the demanding needs of the public sector

X-Sign provides ready-to-use workflows for official orders, meeting minutes, decisions of officials and employment contracts. In addition, the service can be tailored to the organisation's specific needs. X-Sign frees up time for more important tasks while reducing equipment and material costs. An electronic archive and electronic signatures are a secure and safe way to process documents, and they make information management much easier.

X-Sign is part of the eBusiness Suite, where e-signatures are part of a digitalised business process for the entire organisation. With a range of tools from document management and scheduling to project management and archiving, whatever your needs, our service makes electronic signing part of a controlled, secure and digitalised workflow.

3 reasons to choose X-Sign

  • Ready-made workflows for the public sector
  • Wide range of authentication and signature methods
  • Highly customisable and scalable to different needs

X-Sign is

Developed to meet the demanding needs of the public sector

X-Sign is well suited to the demands of the public sector, as it has been developed together with the industry.

Easy and quick to integrate

Signing can be integrated into any of the customer's own HR, case management or other systems, making electronic signing a seamless part of the customer process.

Secure and reliable

Electronic signature improves data management and security. We use strong authentication and our service complies with the EU eIDAS regulation and Finnish legislation.


With an easy-to-use interface, you can sign anytime, anywhere, when it suits you best.

Easily customisable

The user interface, workflows, reporting and integrations can be tailored to each customer's needs.

Ask for more information about the benefits of X-Sign

If you want to find out how X-Sign could streamline your operations, please leave a contact request below.

Streamlining e-government in the public sector

The X-Sign signature service ensures that public sector operators can offer seamless e-services with secure digital signatures, effortlessly anywhere, anytime.

X-Sign solves signature challenges in a user-friendly way. Whether your document is an employment contract, an official order, a protocol or anything else, signing with X-Sign is secure, fast and efficient.

The service comes with convenient pre-built workflows tailored to the needs of the public sector. These include official orders, official decisions, procurement contracts, meeting minutes and authorisation decisions. It is also easy to tailor new workflows.

A browser-based interface with user-specific views makes the service easy to use. In addition, a wide range of different authentication and signature methods ensures that there is an option for every situation and need.

The service can be easily extended, for example by integrating it seamlessly with other systems as part of the customer process.

Three employees use a tablet computer.

How does the X-Sign work?

Saves time for other tasks

With e-signatures, no time is spent on printing, mailing or logistics, freeing up staff time for core tasks.

Solves industry-specific challenges

X-Sign contains ready-made workflows for use cases from the Finnish public sector and can also be customised for specific organisations.

Electronic signature is cost-effective

The costs of equipment, working time and materials for electronic signatures are significantly lower than for paper signatures.

Wide range of authentication and signature options

With X-Sign, you can sign using a mobile certificate, authentication, bank IDs or even a certificate of a smart card.

Easy user management

Users can be identified using their own organisation's AD, so no separate user management is required.


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