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Full stack soup with a side of fun

Technology in good company

We enable different ways of working and take care of the well-being of our employees:

  • Flexible remote and hybrid work possibilities, comfortable office premises in the city centres
  • Good work-life balance
  • Tools and working methods of your choice
  • More extensive occupational health care and insurance than average as well as a wide range of well-being benefits
Workers in the break room throwing darts.

You get to be a part of this




offices in Finland (and hundreds of hybrid working stations)


twoday colleagues in 5 countries

People First

People are at the core of all our actions: without people there will be no data, code, strategy, technology, services or software. And, at least for the time being, even AI is based on people and human intelligence.

As satisfied employees succeed, we do our utmost to make the everyday life of our employees as easy as possible so that we can together build a better functioning working life and society.

We believe that well-being means good work, which is why the “People First” principle shows in our DNA in practice, every day.

Our values

streamlinehq-multiple-neutral-2-users-100  Heart

Our business is run with heart. We care about our employees, our customers and the society. We are a warm community filled with people that have fun and laugh together. We welcome people as they are, we team up and we thrive together.

streamlinehq-send-email-emails-100  Drive

To succeed in the digital transformation of our society we need people with initiative, dedication and engagement. People that continuously develop themselves and learn new things is the key to deliver the competence that is needed in the digital age. Our drive and ambition moves society forward.

streamlinehq-love-it-social-medias-rewards-rating-100  Adaptability

Technology is constantly changing and so are the needs of people and organizations. We are adaptable in our approach, down to earth and easy to work with. We trust our people and believe that we do our best with a good balance of freedom and responsibility.

Open positions

When working with us, you can do everything from coding to consulting, product development to process automation and from service design to business intelligence. Check out the positions below.

All available internships and summer jobs are always published on our website. If you can't find a suitable position, you can also send an open application below.


Any questions?

Marko Paldanius

Talent Acquisition Manager
040 7725 833

Recruitment process – this is how you get to work with us

Apply for a specific job or send us an open application. You can always contact our talent specialist if you have any questions.
We will call you as soon as possible. If we mutually agree we should continue the process after the discussion, we will book a meeting.
In this meeting, you can tell more about yourself and learn more about us, the team and the role. We will also discuss with you whether our company culture seems to be a good fit for you.
You get to do a short aptitude test online and a possible test assignment to showcase your skills.
In the second meeting, we will go through the aptitude test and test assignment and talk about any other topics as needed. You will also get a chance to talk with your future teammates.
We will make you a job offer that you (hopefully) can’t refuse and agree on other details with you.
You will start your work with a comprehensive orientation and getting to know your team. Welcome aboard!


Amazing individuals from graduates to experienced veterans. What all our experts share, is a curious attitude, enthusiasm and ability to develop their skills and the will to make things better through technology. People who take initiative, bear responsibility and enjoy problem solving thrive here.
We provide roles in all kinds of competencies, e.g. frontend, backend and full-stack developers, project and service managers, solution consultants, coding architects, UI/UX designers, data specialists, mobile experts and the list goes on. There’s a suitable role for everyone – and if not, we’ll create one.
We are a highly technology and supplier independent company, but our common technologies include Java, C#, SQL, React, Angular, Docker, Python, Vue, Azure, AWS, .NET, JSON and many others.
You can work in our comfortable offices in eight locations, remotely or wherever in a hybrid model.

We offer a wide range of benefits supporting the well-being and comfort of our employees. We are also constantly developing the range to meet the needs and wishes of our employees.

  • Extensive occupational health care
  • Extensive insurance coverage (working capacity insurance and free-time accident insurance)
  • Sports and culture benefit
  • Lunch benefit
  • Bike benefit
  • Auntie service for mental well-being support