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Contact information

twoday Oy
Keskuskatu 3, 00100 Helsinki
Business ID: 1988069-3

Sales and requests for quotation:

Signom e-signing service


Jyrki Niekkamaa

Business Unit Director, Digital Processes and Services

Enni Rantanen

E-services and archiving, case management

Teemu Vuorela

E-services and archiving, signing, case management

Suvi Ranttila

Data, Analytics and AI

Patrick Dudley

Data, Analytics and AI

Riku Rämänen

Consulting services, public administration

Outi Mattila

Process development, process automation and RPA

Tuukka Tusa

Microsoft enterprise systems (Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365)

050 525 6840

Mika Rahkolin

Business Unit Director, Tailored Solutions and Cloud Services

Marko Paldanius

Talent Acquisition

Piia Valtokari

Director, Finance and Administration

Mikko Katara

Marketing & Communications Director

Sami Pesonen

Sales, AI Agent

Oskari Huiskala

Tailored solutions, mobile development

Anneli Vitikainen

Director, Design twoday Finland & COO AI Solutions

Jouko Kujala

Sales, Customer Success Solutions

Tomi Korpaeus

Business Unit Director, AI Solutions and Customer Service, twoday AI Works Oy

Karo Koskinen

Business Unit Director, Software and Product Development

Mikko Kärki

Business Unit Director, Data and Analytics

040 825 4428

Petri Säkkinen

Business Unit Director, Business applications and Modern work solutions (Microsoft)

Markku Laukka

Business Unit Director, Business applications (Salesforce), CEO twoday Biit Oy

Pekka Sipola

Lead Consultant, Marketing development and utilization of AI

Mikko Cavenius

Business Architecture, Salesforce technologies

Jussi Kettunen

Sales Development, Sales Processes

Sakari Valtari

Change Management, Business Transformation

Lauri Kurki

Sales Development Director

040 730 9033

Paavo Tervonen

E-signing, Signom

Mikael Mäkelä

Business planning solutions

Arto Ignatius

Sales Executive, Microsoft Biz Apps

Aini Leppäkorpi

Head of People and Culture

Emilia Oikari

Data, Analytics and AI

Niklas Lehtonen

Data, Analytics and AI

Mari Rinne

Sales, AI Agent & RPA

0400 346 632

Markku Mikkolainen

Business line director, Customer Success Solutions

Petri Lillberg

Managing Director

Our offices

We have offices in seven locations, but we operate nationally.

Contact us

If you would like to hear more about our services and how we could help you, please fill in the form and we will contact you soon.


Invoicing information

In invoice-related matters, please send an email to:



Company: twoday Oy
Business ID: 1988069-3
E-invoicing address: 003719880693
E-invoice operator: Maventa (003721291126)

Intermediator ID when sending from bank network: DABAFIHH
(Please use this intermediator ID if your e-invoicing system does not allow you to send invoices directly to Maventa’s operator ID.)
E-invoicing address: FI5280001371125189
Operator: Danske Bank (DABAFIHH)


If you are not using e-invoicing, you can submit the invoices to our scanning service via email:

Invoices must be sent to our scanning service as PDF files attached to the email and the appendices to the invoice must be in the same format as the invoice. You can submit several invoices in one email; just make sure that each invoice is a separate attachment and has a unique name. Please note that the maximum size of one email is 5Mb.


Please send your paper invoices to the following address (this information must be provided in the invoice as well as on the envelope):
Twoday Oy
PL 100
80020 Kollektor Scan

Please send only invoice material to our scanning addresses. Email and paper mail are read automatically to our accounts ledger, which means that other information will not reach its recipient through this channel.