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The most versatile electronic signature service

Signom helps automate and digitalize business and customer processes. Whether it's the onboarding process of a customer or signing of a document or a report Signom makes it smooth and effortless.

Automated identification and verification of a client's identity according to the KYC process makes signing, identity verification and data collection efficient and smooth. Easily customisable and scalable to meet different needs, Signom is suitable for the demanding needs of small businesses as well as large enterprises with complex organisational structures and signature processes that require automated workflows and extensive integrations. Signom enables large and complex contracts and documents to be signed smoothly and reliably.

You can try Signom for 14 days free of charge!

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3 reasons to choose Signom

  • Quick and easy deployment
  • Can be tailored to the needs of your business
  • Retrieves and checks critical data completely automatically

Signom streamlines the electronic signing process in sales, HR and other company operations.

Automated identification and verification of client's identity (KYC) and signature process


You can verify the identity of the customer in accordance with the KYC process and request the necessary documents. In complex processes, automated workflows make signing, identity verification and data collection efficient and smooth.

Verification of identity and data collection is much faster when Signom automatically guides your customers through the process. All this is done in a secure, ISO 27001-certified service with processes that ensure accuracy and security.

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Smooth electronic transactions with digital signatures

In today’s world, digital services, such as electronic signatures, are a prerequisite for a good customer experience: the era of printing, sending papers back and forth and dusty archive shelves is over.

Functional electronic services save time, money, nature and customers, providing companies with a clear competitive advantage. Many services, such as the electronic signing of a single contract with bank credentials, are already commonplace and simple to implement. However, large documents with multiple parts and complex processes require more from the service.

The Signom signature service ensures that companies can provide their customers with smooth electronic transactions with secure digital signatures that they can easily use on their own workstations or sofas. 


More than a hundred large Finnish companies are already using the Signom signature service


“Almost anything that requires strong authentication and an electronic signature can be done with Signom. I'm super happy with our cooperation.”

Tia Rytkönen
Direct and Corporate Sales, St1

"Cooperation with Signom has boosted sales and helped us build new digital business models."

Lauri Varonen
Sales Director, Toyota Finance Finland Oy

"We have been able to trust Signom’s speedy delivery, technical functionality and ability to tailor solutions specifically for us."

Mirka Mäkinen
Information Systems Development Manager, Kiinteistömaailma

Signom signature service is

Widely integrable

Signom integrates to all necessary customer systems, such as HRM systems and document management.

Completely automatic

Automated retrieval and verification of critical information (authorisations, authority to sign, credit information), as well as file archiving.


ISO 27001 certified service with standardised processes to ensure error-free and carefree service.

Flexible scalability

The service is scaled according to the customer's needs and growth, so it is a safe investment for the future.

Easy to customise

The user interface, workflows, reporting and integrations can be tailored to the specific needs of each customer.

Ask for more information about the benefits of Signom

If you want to find out how Signom could streamline your operations, please leave a contact request below.

With the help of Signom

Streamline complex signature processes

Improve the customer experience by providing smooth e-signatures. Whether it's a sales contract, employment agreement, financial statement or any other document, the required signatures can be collected in a compliant order according to the roles. At the same time, the time saved through the automated process can be spent on what delivers value to both you and your customer.

Less manual work

Get complex and large documents signed quickly without having to send emails back and forth or book physical meetings. The process is secure and error-free.

Automated identification and verification of client's identity (KYC) and risk assessment

Fully comply with KYC and AML requirements in the customer onboarding process. With Signom, you can verify a customer's identity easily and effortlessly. Digital KYC verification and automated political influence (PEP) clearance saves both you and your customer time. In addition, you build trust by enabling the secure delivery of personal data.

Automated customer onboarding

With Signom, you speed up the time it takes to open new customer relationships and manage the process in compliance with regulations. The service performs automated checks and requests for any additional information in a secure and seamless manner.

Better customer experience and lower costs

Manual steps, complex processes and a confusing customer experience during the onboarding phase make many customers leave. By automating the customer onboarding process, you're also providing a better customer experience by eliminating manual steps such as printing and mailing forms.

What can Signom be used for?

With Signom's user interface, web forms and integrations, you can, for example:



Create and define signing processes, e.g.

  • Identify signatories
  • Ensure that the company's representative is authorised to sign
  • Collect the company's beneficiary information
  • Check the credit information of an individual or a company
  • Redirect to make a payment

Manage users and permissions for each company and department

  • Administrator and user rights
  • Authorisations to sign 

Utilise reports and track each company and department

  • The numbers of signatures and contracts
  • Turnaround times for signature processes

How Signom works


The signing process is initiated from the Signom user interface, the customer's backend system or through the web form.


Signom verifies signatories' identities through strong identification and automatically checks their roles, authorisations to sign and credit information.


The signing parties may supplement the information, e.g. through an online form or attachments.


Documents signed in the Signom interface or on a touchscreen will be accompanied by a digital certificate to ensure non-alteration.


After signing, the parties can be directed to proceed to the next step, such as payment.


The files are automatically archived to the customer's systems and the reports show the turnaround times for processes and the number of signatures and contracts.

Contact us

If you would like to hear more about Signom, please leave us a contact request and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Teemu Vuorela

Technical support

If you need help using the Signom service, you can fill the support request here.