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Savings Banks Group initiates major business transformation with Microsoft Cloud 

Savings Banks Group

The Finnish Savings Banks Group will start a major business development project that will include concrete steps towards realising the Savings Banks Group's digital vision. The reform will enable a seamless integration of personal and digital services, leading to increasingly smooth and easy everyday interactions for customers and employees. 


"We are making the biggest investment in our company's over 200-year history. This investment will enable us to respond more rapidly to changing customer needs. However, this is not just an IT project, but a business transformation that will make everyday life smoother for our customers and employees. We will not forget about people and customers, on the contrary, we will make better use of our systems in our background work and have more time for the most important thing - meeting our customers", says Karri Alameri, CEO of the Savings Banks Group.


Dynamics 365 renews customer management

After the major business transformation, the Savings Banks Group will use Microsoft Cloud services on a large scale. In the next phase of the cloud migration, the banking group's customer relationship management processes will be revamped and built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform with the support of twoday's agile team of experts.  

Dynamics 365 will serve as a platform for customer data management and customer service processes, seamlessly integrating personal service channels and digital services. The cloud-based customer relationship management solution will enable an easier customer experience, which will lead to measurable business benefits for both the customer experience and the daily lives of employees. The first phase of the long-term strategic development project will be launched in phases by the end of 2026.  

Low-code is at the heart of architecture

Our collaboration with the Savings Banks Group started early this year. During the spring we worked together to complete the necessary assessments and preparations for the implementation phase. The work included defining the customer relationship management concept with user-centric methods, creating a roadmap, description of the solution architecture and sketching the implementation scope.

The key design principle for the implementation of the customer relationship management system was to maximise the use of low-code capabilities of Dynamics 365 and Power Platform platforms rather than traditional tailored code development work. These market-leading capabilities will ensure not only the business benefits but also the maintainability of the system and its compatibility with the future roadmap of the Microsoft Cloud.

The actual implementation work, which will involve iterative adaptation of the system to customer requirements, will start in August in close cooperation with the other partners in the overall project. 

”Our ambitious transformation project involves business model development and information systems modernisation, which places high demands on our partners. twoday's cutting-edge expertise in modern Microsoft Cloud business application solutions convinced us," says Pekka Suomalainen, CIO of the Savings Banks Group.


The Savings Banks Group has promoted the financial wellbeing of individuals and the community for 200 years. The Savings Banks Group wants to be known for their bravery, expertise and passion for excellent customer service. Savings Banks Group consists of local savings banks across Finland and the Savings Bank Centre. In addition to comprehensive retail banking services, they provide customers with investment, real estate and insurance services.

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