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From traditional to integrated budgeting

Budgeting is a cumbersome annual process for many organisations. You have to get the numbers done, but they rarely generate much added value in terms of business management and comprehensive planning.

Traditional budgeting based on spreadsheets therefore often faces the following challenges:

streamlinehq-alert-circle-interface-essential-100 Top-down approach, work is done in silos

streamlinehq-alert-circle-interface-essential-100 Focus is only setting revenue and cost targets

streamlinehq-alert-circle-interface-essential-100 As budgeting progresses and the amount of data increases, errors accumulate, links are broken, and version control becomes a problem

streamlinehq-alert-circle-interface-essential-100 Lack of cooperation between different operations

streamlinehq-alert-circle-interface-essential-100 The quality and scope of the data remain lacking

The best way to improve the entire budgeting process and its results is to create an environment that enables cooperation and where everyone works on the basis of shared, high-quality information.

Anaplan's cloud-based business planning platform combines data, people, and business plans across all company operations. Budgeting integrated by using Anaplan improves the entire budgeting process:

streamlinehq-check-circle-1-interface-essential-100 The budget will be both operational and financial

streamlinehq-check-circle-1-interface-essential-100 The budget process is transparent to all participants

streamlinehq-check-circle-1-interface-essential-100 The planning is truly business-driven

streamlinehq-check-circle-1-interface-essential-100 Different operations understand how to overall budget affects them

streamlinehq-check-circle-1-interface-essential-100 Clear outlook for both tactical and strategic objectives


Guide for improving your company's budgeting

Download the guide to best practices in budgeting and see which tips would work in your organisation. The guide will help you make the most of the integrated planning model to streamline the entire budgeting process and, most importantly, its outcomes.



Support your business planning with Anaplan

Anaplan brings all business operations to the same planning, modelling and reporting tool. It helps you make better decisions faster, with the right people at the right time. In addition, its simulations and scenarios enable continuous and accurate predictions. With Anaplan, you get better visibility into your business, and you will have more time to spend on development and productive work.