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Real-time visibility for business planning and decision making

Anaplan has changed business performance management: bringing down complicated silos and moving to a clear company wide planning model. Anaplan isn’t limited to one specific area but brings together all of your business to one planning, modelling and reporting tool.

As Finland’s leading Anaplan partner, we offer all the expertise you need to put the platform to effective use. We help with everything from specifications to implementation, from training to use and all the way to support and maintenance. We also guarantee fast deployment so you’ll have the platform up and ready to use in weeks instead of months.

3 reasons to choose Anaplan 

  • Easy to use
  • Fast deployment
  • Scales to big amounts of data

Certified financial benefits

A study by Forrester Consulting shows that companies using Anaplan for business planning surveyed the following benefits among others in a three year period:

  • Return on investment (ROI) 303% 

  • Workforce planner productivity improvement of 40%

  • Easy deployment, good effectiveness and predictable maintenance costs by using a single solution

  • Significant cost savings in sales, general and administrative expenses by reducing manual labour and using real-time forecasting

  • Inventory value reduction due to dynamic forecasting

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Our customers

We’ve helped several Finnish companies to successfully improve their business planning with Anaplan.

Kotikatu kiinteistöpalvelut
Nordax Bank

What is Anaplan

Simulated planning

Test scenarios and their effects on your strategy and operations. Simulate the effects of changes in all of your plans in real time.

Accurate forecasting

Forecast the future with historical data, algorithms, trends and seasonal changes. Make better decisions and more accurate forecasts with flexible technology.

Easy view on your data

Explore and report accurate and always available individualised data. Use interactive views to visualise business metrics and development.

How does Anaplan work?

Anaplan is a next generation solution that takes advantage of unique memory based architecture and intuitive visual user interface. These make Anaplan the most flexible and powerful planning tool today, that:

  • models any plan and links different models easily with each other
  • scales to big amounts of data and use cases
  • integrates well with other systems

Anaplan can be used to create planning models for finance, sales and operations. It is well equipped e.g. for:

  • Finance and demand forecasting
  • Long term planning
  • Sales and production planning
  • Supply chain management
  • Human resources planning
  • Driver based planning
  • Allocations
  • Commission calculations
  • Consolidated financial statements
  • ESG planning, reporting & strategy
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Better and faster decisions

Make decisions with the right people at the right time: Anaplan gives you fast access to data and makes the results of decisions easily visible on any device.

Anaplan's user interface on mobile devices.
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Continuous and accurate forecasting

Anaplan’s powerful modelling and calculation technology enables scenarios and simulations that make forecasting continuous and accurate: You can for example move from traditional slow budgeting to rolling monthly financial forecasting.

More time for meaningful work

Anaplan improves visibility into your business and frees up time from planning and analysing for development and productive work.

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Break down the silos and connect all of your planning with Anaplan

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