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Modern data warehousing solution helps Valmet Automotive to make better business decisions

Valmet Automotive

The automobile industry is an international, competitive and rapidly changing industry. For a Finnish car plant to be successful, it must be a step ahead of its competitors in terms of skills, tools, suppliers and partners.

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Car assembly needs to be more efficient than what the challengers can achieve. The competitiveness of a car plant requires scalable capacity as well as flexibility and efficiency of production.

Valmet Automotive is the only company in Finland that produces passenger cars industrially. Overall, Finland has a very limited number of companies that, like Valmet Automotive, are involved in the international value and production chain.

The flexible series production of large volumes requires timeliness and transparency of the material flow, especially as the assembly of cars requires a great deal of manual work and as each vehicle leaving the Uusikaupunki car plant is a tailored product.

Valmet automotive expects the best technology and competence

twoday's data warehousing solution built on top of a Microsoft platform secures the production capacity and volume of Uusikaupunki’s car plant. Valmet Automotive is very happy with the cooperation with twoday.

“The new database environment and new tools free up work time from collecting data and compiling reports for data analysis and utilisation,” says Lasse Lehtonen, Information Manager at Valmet Automotive.


The new data warehousing solution significantly increases the transparency of twoday's production and processes. ”The new data warehousing solution does not affect the production process of Mercedes-Benz vehicles, per se. What the solution does is facilitate the operations and decision-making guiding how business is conducted. The new solution covers all the operations of Valmet Automotive and integrates the production systems and the data flowing between them.”

The modern data warehousing solution helps Valmet Automotive to make better business decisions, for example, by integrating the data that is out of the reach of Valmet Automotive, or data which was fragmented across multiple production systems, into a more user-friendly format than Excel.

The availability of up-to-date data on production and the flow of materials speeds up, for example, the response to exceptional situations.

twoday provides exceptionally fast project implementation

“The data warehousing solution was implemented as a six-month project, which is exceptionally fast. And also in an exceptional environment – in Finland, where there are no other operators like Valmet Automotive. Microsoft's competence and technology in data-driven leadership ensured the progress of the project,” says Mikko Kärki, Business Unit Director at twoday.

The solution, which is based on Microsoft Enterprise Data Warehouse, SQL Server 2016, Power BI and twodays's Data Vault Modeller, makes use of a great deal of automation, for example, for data harmonization and data modelling. Automation brings speed to data analysis and business management and decreases costs.
"The strengths of the data warehousing solution are improved reporting and work time savings. The updated reporting and analysis tool improves the visualization of data and information. “We chose Power BI as a tool because it allows combining data from different sources and is simple and easy to use for experienced Excel users,” says Lehtonen.
"The large amount of data generated from the production environment can now be processed into an understandable format in various reports and analyses. Valmet Automotive's understanding of what data is available and how the data can be utilized has deepened as the process has progressed. When we discover new information needs, we are able to respond to them in an agile manner.”


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Modern data warehousing solution helps Valmet Automotive to make better business decisions

The growth in production capacity and volume at the Uusikaupunki car factory is ensured by the data warehouse solution built on the Microsoft platform.