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We are twoday, nice to meet you

Oct 25, 2022 12:00:00 AM twoday

In June, we told how we, Visma Consulting and the rest of the Custom Solutions division, were spinning off from Visma to a new company. The deal is now all wrapped up and we can finally proudly announce our new name and brand look. Ta-daa!

Our new name twoday reflects our partnership with our customers, stakeholders and society as well as collectivity, teamwork and equality that are important to us. It also sends the message that we deliver the best solutions for today and tomorrow. Our new brand identity reflects who we are: a dynamic, human and no-nonsense technology company. 

Our business will remain unchanged under the new name and ownership. We will continue to serve our customers as we have always done, and the change will have no impact on our contracts with our customers, partners or staff. 

The separation from Visma, on the other hand, will give us a better opportunity to grow by focusing on the IT consulting business. Our new company is already one of the largest IT consultancies in the Nordic countries and in future we will be able to offer services on an even broader scale.

“We are creating a leading IT consulting company in the Nordics, which already has more than 2,200 employees in its ranks. In Finland, as part of Visma, we have grown into an organization of more than 600 experts, and as an independent twoday, the aim is to continue to accelerate our growth further”, says Petri Lillberg, CEO of twoday in Finland.

We offer technology and expertise for digitalisation. We help our clients to succeed in digital transformation through tailored software development, data-driven decision-making, digital service and process development, intelligent automation and service design. Our international top professionals make our everyday lives easier with technology - one solution, service and project at a time.

Our relaxed and low-hierarchy culture remains the same in the winds of change and growth. We are all about the people we work with - that's why people are at the heart of everything we do and are most important to us.

Our company values are part of everything we do. We care about our employees, our customers and society and welcome people to us as they are. We work and thrive together with our colleagues and customers. We are ambitious about our work and constantly learning new things to adapt to the needs of a rapidly changing world and working life. We trust our employees and believe we do our best when given a good balance of freedom and responsibility.

By caring about each other and our society, and by working with heart and drive, we can make a difference today - and prepare ourselves, our customers and society for what tomorrow brings.

twoday - We create a better tomorrow through technology.

Got questions? Here are some most frequently asked questions and answers to them. 

  • Why did you change your name?

We separated from Visma and moved to a completely new company, so understandably the winds of change blew our old name and brand into history. The new name and brand reflect our identity as a modern and no-nonsense technology house. 

  • How do I contact you in the future? 

The same people as before will continue to answer your messages. From now on, our emails will be, but messages sent to the old addresses will still be received for a while. Here you will find all our contact and billing information. 

  • How will the change affect ongoing projects and existing customers?

We will continue to work as before, so the change will not affect any ongoing projects or contracts with our clients. Our offering to our clients will also remain unchanged - or actually just keeps getting better.

  • How will the change affect the use of your services or logging in to them?

The good news: there will be no change here either. You can continue to use our services as you always have.

  • Who is the new owner of your business?

The new owner of our company is CVC Capital Partners Fund VIII. CVC is a leading capital investment company with a global network of 25 regional offices that controls assets with an estimated value of EUR 125 billion. CVC has operated in the Nordic market for over 20 years and cooperated successfully with several companies in the region.

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