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twoday is a TimeXtender partner of the year

Jun 20, 2023 9:35:51 AM Mikko Kontsas

We received the Nordic Partner of the Year award from TimeXtender in recognition of our achievements and contributions in data warehousing projects. This is the second time we received this recognition.

TimeXtender is an important part of our data & analytics offering as it enables fast data platform development and delivers added value to our customers quickly. Our customers often also value the possibilities for self-service development that TimeXtender brings. As a consulting company, we are always happy to develop solutions for our customers, but self-service possibilities bring customers added flexibility.

“We are proud of the recognition from TimeXtender and will keep working together to help our customers get more value from their data”, says Mikko Kontsas, Customer Director of twoday Finland’s data and analytics business.

TimeXtender stated the following reasons for our selection as Partner of the Year:

“Nordic Partner of the year award goes to a Partner with a commitment to delivering solutions to their customers, utilising their impressive knowledge and expertise in the field of Data Management and Analytics. The Partner has demonstrated an exceptional ability to retain their customers through their innovative solutions, addressing complex business challenges and delivering business value with their remarkable problem-solving skills. Best in class track record of winning TimeXtender projects is a testament to their unwavering dedication to delivering the highest quality of service to their customers.”



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