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The acquisition of BeanBakers Oy will strengthen our position in the Finnish software development market

Mar 16, 2023 12:00:00 AM twoday

We have acquired BeanBakers Oy which is a fast growing IT consulting company from Turku. BeanBakers employs 35 experts and offers software development and user experience design services to Finnish companies and public sector customers.

BeanBakers is founded in 2018 and the company has grown impressively every year. In 2022 their revenue was 2 million euros which had an increase of 60% from the previous year. They will join Twoday Group which was born at the end of last year, and they will continue their growth as a part of a bigger company.

“I am very happy that BeanBakers is joining the Twoday family. We have been impressed with their growth speed and with their deep expertise in service design and software development. They operate in Turku where we already have an office. With the acquisition our headcount in Turku office increases to 60, which gives us a good base to grow our presence there even faster. We have cooperated with BeanBakers before, so we know they are an excellent fit for our group”, says Petri Lillberg, Managing Director of Twoday Oy.

”The team of BeanBakers has worked persistently in the last years and the company has grown from a one person freelancing company to a trusted partner with 35 experts. We have gained increased visibility in both the Turku region and in national level projects. BeanBakers has employed IT professionals from students to senior experts and we have managed to create a very competent and versatile team in which teammates work together and support each other. With Twoday our team will have even better opportunities to develop themselves and we can offer our current and future customers even better service. BeanBakers will continue to aim for strong growth and going forward keep offering opportunities for the industry’s current and future top professionals”, says Peter Lehto, Managing Director of BeanBakers Oy.

BeanBakers Oy will continue as an independent part of Twoday Group and the acquisition will have no impact for the company’s personnel or customers.

More information:

Petri Lillberg, Managing Director, Twoday Oy, +358 40 577 7014
Peter Lehto, Managing Director, BeanBakers Oy, +358 44 769 2601


Twoday is a full-service technology company, focusing on digital transformation, tailored software development, data driven decision making, AI & automation, CRM solutions and business applications to both the private and public sector. With 2 200 experts across the Nordics and Lithuania, and a revenue of 326 mill Euro in 2022, Twoday is a leading partner in helping its 8 000 customers succeed in their digital transformation. In Finland twoday has over 600 top professionals in total in Helsinki, Tampere, Lappeenranta, Jyväskylä, Turku, Espoo, Oulu and Hyvinkää.

BeanBakers Oy

BeanBakers offers versatile software development and user interface design services, turnkey deliveries, consulting and subcontracting. The company has reached strong growth in the last years and in early 2023 they had over 35 employees. BeanBakers is a significant employer for IT talent in the Turku region, and the company has very high-level competence and experience. BeanBakers will continue their strong growth in 2023 both in terms of headcount and revenue.

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