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Our new Artificial Intelligence Service will Revolutionise Organisations’ Data Processing

May 10, 2023 12:00:00 AM twoday

We have launched a never-before-seen artificial intelligence service called twoday AI Agent. The service is built on the foundation of OpenAI’s GPT language model, but unlike ChatGPT, twoday AI Agent ensures that all information is accurate and trustworthy, while also maintaining the highest level of data security.

The application will offer companies a tool to manage and gather data that is fragmented across different systems as well as automate and streamline their business operations. This unprecedented service will revolutionise how companies work, as radically as the computers did back in the 80s when they began to become more common.

Ready to Use Superintelligence for Companies

Twoday AI Agent utilises OpenAI’s GPT language model in a whole new way.

The essential difference between twoday AI Agent and ChatGPT, for example, is that twoday AI Agent can be securely trained to learn any information for any purpose, either by using data from a company’s own databases or other sources. Twoday AI Agent ensures that all information is accurate and trustworthy, while also maintaining the highest level of data security.

This AI app can be used for customer service or finance automation, supporting experts in internal information retrieval or as an internal databank of a company, to name a few examples. Data management tasks are not the only tasks that AI Agent can be used for as it can also be harnessed into data editing or the translation of texts from one language into another, for instance.

The AI app uses a fully operational user environment, so it can be deployed right away. Additionally, the service is easily integrable into pre-existing systems and channels both quickly and scalably.


First Opening on the AI Market in Finland

The launching of twoday AI Agent is a major move on the Finnish AI market as there are no similar applications available yet.

“Similar applications are undoubtedly being developed as we speak, but there is no service designed for organisations that is as comprehensive as ours on the market yet. Twoday AI Agent is a fully ready service, which enables us to offer companies a cost-effective quick start on using AI services in business,” says Tomi Korpaeus, the Business Unit Director of twoday AI Works, the company behind AI Agent. 

“AI Agent is the answer to companies’ biggest challenge, which is data fragmentation and finding the correct information fast. Now, thanks to AI Agent’s simple user interface, all this information can be gathered together and brought to end-users. It will have an amazing effect on how companies use their internal data masses in customer services, financial management, expert roles as well as in internal communication,” says Korpaeus. 

AI is revolutionising working life

With the help of new AI services and automation, everyday life can be made easier, the amount of unnecessary, manual work can be decreased and employees can adopt new tasks more easily.

“Recently, there has been a lot of discussion about how AI will revolutionise the way we work in near future. Although AI technologies can change the labor markets and have effects on some industries, they also have potential of creating new job opportunities and boosting profitability across many industries. AI can help companies to save enormous amounts of money by automating manual tasks. This also affects the wellbeing of employees as they will have more time for more enjoyable and challenging tasks,” says Petri Lillberg, our CEO in Finland.

“Twoday’s new service and concept also speed up the creation of new positions and job descriptions. Our aim is to hire fresh faces as well as train our current employees. The AI Agent that we have now launched and the services that we will develop in the future will create new opportunities for our customer enterprises and public organisations in the form of new, interesting positions,” Lillberg concludes.


Could our superintelligence be the right thing to boost your business? Find out more about AI Agent on our website or contact Jouko directly, whose details you can find below.

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Jouko Kujala, Sales Director, twoday AI Works 
020 761 9619

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