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  • “It was a pleasure to work with the twoday team. Our cooperation was smooth and the skills of the core team were superior, which meant that our project was successfully completed.”

    Saija Kuivalainen
    Head of Administration and Deposit Guarantee Unit at the Financial Stability Authority
  • “Our years of partnership have proved that the twoday team has the ability to come up with great ideas, and our cooperation has been smooth.”

    Ari-Pekka Manninen
    Development Manager at the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency
  • “twoday has been a flexible and good partner. Agile working methods and direct communication with experts have ensured that things are progressing and we have always received help.”

    Ville Rötkö
    Product Owner at ELY Centre Ostrobothnia
  • “I’m super happy about our cooperation and their proactive approach. They offer a solution even when the challenge is a blurry one.”

    Tia Rytkönen
    Direct and Corporate Sales, St1
  • "We have had the opportunity to work with twoday to simplify a logistics problem that is important to our business. These guys know their work, and we have met a level of professionalism and dedication to our business problem that is unprecedented. Highly competent with a low-key attitude makes these guys a true joy to work with." 

    Chris Sanford
    CTO of a significant Nordic logistics provider
  • ”Our ambitious transformation project involves business model development and information systems modernisation, which places high demands on our partners. twoday's cutting-edge expertise in modern Microsoft Cloud business application solutions convinced us."

    Pekka Suomalainen
    CIO, Savings Banks Group

Shared success stories

Together with our customers, we have created new ideas and concepts, built new business operations, developed smarter operating methods and experienced joy and success. 


Walki got better business planning and forecasting with Anaplan

Walki, a frontrunner in the packaging industry, was challenged by the fragmentation of data and design into different systems. This made it difficult for them to collect and use data effectively in planning and reporting processes. This is the challenge we started to solve together with the business...

Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency’s development project improves safety and brings cost savings

Together with the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency, we are developing next-generation rail network condition management systems.

Modern cloud-based reporting with PowerBI and Azure data warehouse

We built a fully cloud-based reporting and data warehouse solution for Savox Communications using Power BI and Azure technologies.

Savings and emission reductions through route optimization

Route planning plays an important role in the efficiency of waste collection. Significant cost savings and environmental benefits can be achieved through more effective planning. Remeo has an extensive project to make business operations more efficient, as part of which the company started cooperati...

WhatsApp Assistant upgraded customer satisfaction to a top level

Improving customer service, optimizing employee time and facilitating work planning were the goals when ILP-Group started to introduce WhatsApp Assistant. The service made it possible to streamline processes considerably and allocate resources where they were needed. At the same time, customer satis...

HUS harmonized the management of patient and care instructions with the help of the Instruction Repository

HUS is the largest specialized health care operator in Finland. Almost 700,000 patients are treated annually by 27,000 top professionals. The treatment and research of a number of difficult diseases is centred at HUS on a national level. The large number of patients also imposes requirements on the ...

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