Skip to content - Personal guidance helps to advance in life is an online guidance tool, i.e. a tool for personal and secure guidance with one or more experts. The tool was developed to support guidance and counselling sector professionals.


In its early stages, the focus is on career choice and career guidance and study counselling, as the service development has since its beginning involved the TE customer service centre and the Ohjaamo One-Stop Guidance Center network. The service has been funded with the help of the European Social Fund.

While the need for the service was great, its potential is even greater 

The essential thing about functional online guidance is in how to establish trust and interaction using remote tools. An advantage to guidance in the One-Stop Guidance Center units has been cross-sectoral guidance among multiple experts and the customer, but implementing a similar service online has been difficult from the perspective of data security and the law. What may seem easy when sitting around the same table becomes strictly regulated when a digital footprint is left of the discussions.

With the service, Finland has, for the first time, a fully secure online guidance service that can be used by various different operators.


The tool can be used smoothly alongside existing communication tools and also as a clarifying aid in guidance that takes place face to face.

Both the guide and the customer need only a web browser to use the service, and strong authentication enables the sharing of personal information.

In 2021, the tool will make cross-sectoral cooperation between different operators possible, which means that the customer will have access to a service that is both simpler and more holistic.


The service has garnered strong demand and interest, as there has not previously been a similar tool available. In addition to the TE Offices, the service is being adopted by the Finnish Youth Housing Association as well as multiple cities and municipalities, for instance. In the future, it could be used for school study counselling, guidance for new entrepreneurs and meeting the needs of various other officials and organisations, among other things.

Better and easier guidance online for all parties

The online guidance tool makes it possible to provide easier and better guidance and counselling for customers who need it regardless of location.

  • makes personal online guidance secure
  • encourages customers to participate and commits them to the guidance
  • makes using the service easier, as everything can be found in the same place and the process is clear
  • allows for cross-sectoral guidance and more holistic service
  • also works on mobile devices, which is especially important for young customers


The tool makes everyday life much smoother for operators providing guidance services, and the professional personnel has been taken into account from the beginning in the design phase. offers an easier way to manage your affairs, which allows for updating outdated working methods and moving away from using clunky email services, for instance. The cross-sectoral cooperation, which meets all the data security and protection requirements and crosses organisational boundaries while also involving various experts, presents considerable opportunities.

Ville Rötkö, Web Service Designer at the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment in Central Finland, who is responsible for developing the service, is happy with the service development process and cooperation with twoday. The project has been extensive and challenging, for example, with regard to data security and protection and accessibility, but solutions have always been found for these problems.

“twoday has been a very flexible and good partner. Agile working methods and direct communication with experts have ensured that things are progressing, and we have always been able to get the help we need,” says Ville Rötkö from the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment.

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