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Data-driven leadership at Fastems reached a new level with TimeXtender


Efficient data-driven leadership relies on precise and reliable data that is easily accessible and readily reportable. Fastems, an automation provider in the metal and steel industry, knows this to be the case, with data-driven leadership being a key part of the company’s strategy. For this reason, Fastems partnered up with us to create a new data warehouse that will help collect and utilize data efficiently in decision-making.


The speed of the project was a pleasant surprise

Fastems needed to collect data fragmented across different systems in one place in order for them to be able to use it better and more effectively in their reporting and management as well as in services developed for their customers. Before the start of the project, they did not have a data warehouse, so work on a new data platform began from a clean slate.

The project was implemented using TimeXtender, which automates a large part of the work associated with establishing a data warehouse. Fastems was pleasantly surprised at how fast TimeXtender helped achieve concrete results, even though there was practically no starting point to speak of. Some of the reporting could be implemented already within a month from the start of the project, which left everyone in awe.

“TimeXtender was a huge help in the project. The project progressed at a fast rate, and concrete results were achieved very quickly indeed as the tool automated the routine work, which usually takes up a huge chunk of time,” explains Jyrki Pirtonen, Data Architect responsible for the project at Fastems.


TimeXtender is so intuitive and easy to use that it’s been possible for Fastems’ employees also to use it themselves. This has been a relief in situations where quick changes are needed, for example, when the end customers have wished for new functionalities. Expanding information models using TimeXtender is also extremely fast, which Pirtonen finds one of TimeXtender’s best features.

Data-driven decision-making reached a new level

People at Fastems are hugely satisfied with the project’s end result, as the new easy-to-use data warehouse has worked reliably and met expectations and then some. It compiles all the data from across different systems in one place and helps to effectively make use of it in decision-making. At the same time, the data is also more accurate and of a higher quality than before. The tool continuously gets more reports for new users, for example, sales and project management, and it has positively affected the company’s data-driven leadership and business.

“Overall, the project went very smoothly, and we could see concrete results extremely fast. A good drive and cooperation with twoday is the key that has helped us to get things done. With the work that we have done, we can only expect more good things from our future cooperation,” says Sami Teininen, CIO at Fastems.


The project has yielded concrete benefits also for Fastems’ customers, as the new data warehouse has allowed them to build new functionalities that the customers can use. And the work is certainly not finished. On the contrary, the development of data warehousing will continue, and the work that has been done so far also supports upcoming digitalization projects and service development at Fastems.

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