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Oskari likes the spirit of getting things done and varying customer projects

Nov 9, 2022 12:00:00 AM twoday

Oskari Huiskala, from Turku, works as a development director at twoday. He has only been working at the product development services business unit for less than a year, but has already smoothly integrated into our work community.

When Oskari considered twoday as a workplace, he was attracted by the diverse projects and large customers. He likes to be able to work on tailored software and customer projects.

“When a company has a wider a range of projects and customers, they will always have more interesting things to offer. Our company is completely technology neutral and not tied to any specific industry, so we do everything with a very wide range.

“I have been in the industry for 20 years, and I have worked in many companies that have been very different from one another. When I came here, I felt like I had come home. I feel that my way of doing things goes well together with this company, starting from the values. There is a nice spirit of getting things done here,” says Oskari.

Customer projects bring variation to everyday work

The working days are varied, which suits Oskari well. Often his days are full of meetings and organising recruitment-related issues, because a fast-growing company requires a lot of new people. Supporting sales by preparing tenders and by working on project plans and resourcing is also a big part of his work. In addition, he handles administrative tasks, works as a team leader and works with customers in projects. Visiting customers is refreshing for Oskari and it brings variation to his work days.

“The best thing about my work is its variation and versatility. And it's interesting to be able to create something new, whether it's an internal support service or a new application for the customer.”

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“I have a technical background and I’ve always liked creating software, but even though I don't code anymore, I can still follow technologies and talk to coders in my work. I can also participate in most of the practical work in projects, such as planning, testing and iteration with customers. When you are ‘most interested in everything’, you get to be involved in many things. Even a former coder and current talker like me can keep track of the industry and technology,” says Oskari, laughing. 

Oskari feels that his work as a supervisor is easy, because people here are independent professionals and everything moves forward without any need for strict management.

“The corporate culture here feels well suited for me, and when I look around, it seems to suit many others as well. The business units here are independent and agile, and things are going smoothly. We’re a fairly big operator, but our work is still down-to-earth and agile.”

Working with young experts and experienced professionals

According to Oskari, his co-workers at twoday are skilled and they have expertise in all types of fields. The experts include both young beginners and professionals with long careers behind them. 

“We have extremely talented people and strong expertise. We have nearly a hundred people working in our product development services business unit, and there are not many technologies or software development methods out there that someone here doesn't know, so the range of things that we can do is very broad indeed. It was easy to join this company as a new employee, and it's nice to work with these people – might sound like a cliché, but that's the way it is. And even though the company is growing very fast, I felt really welcome right from the beginning. Everyone has their own background and strengths, and if there is something you don't understand at all, it's easy to ask others about it.”

“I really like the fact that we are able to hire and train young talent, juniors and interns. We are ready to recruit good people who have potential. This can mean a recent graduate who might not have a single day of work experience, but they have a strong interest and knowledge gained from school projects and perhaps through their own projects as well. After all, the programming language is not the most important thing, you can learn it, as long as you have the ability to take things in. We are ready to train a person at the beginning of their career or between projects,” says Oskari. 

The product development services business unit is divided across three different locations: Helsinki, Lappeenranta and Turku. Many people still do a lot of their work remotely as well, everyone choosing the way that suits them best. 

“I like working at the office myself, but it really doesn't matter that we're in different places. After all, the customer is always somewhere else anyway. We have such flexible arrangements and working hours that you can work almost anywhere,” says Oskari.

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“Once the ropes come off, there is no hurry to go anywhere”

In his spare time, Oskari keeps himself busy with his old detached house, where there is always something to do and fix, as well as sailing, which is a dear hobby for the whole family. 

Oskari is an experienced sea dog, describing himself as a “wannabe professional seafarer”, as he has always spent time travelling the seas on various boats and has been involved in sea scouting ever since he was a child. With his family, he has gone on holiday trips to neighbouring countries by boat, but so far, he hasn’t been travelling to work by water. 

“I have never gone to the Turku office by boat along the Aura River, and certainly not to Helsinki, because it’s so damn far away. But I could also go to our Lappeenranta office by water! I could get there by boat along the Saimaa Canal.”

“A sailboat is an extremely bad means of transport though, as any other mode of transport can actually get you from one place to another more quickly. I could also work remotely on a boat, but I have made a conscious decision not to do that. But sailing is a good way to relax, and it provides a good counterbalance to work, because work-related matters don’t even cross my mind while I’m on my boat. “I’m kind of automatically at my destination once the ropes come off, meaning there is no hurry to go anywhere,” Oskari says.

How would you like to sail as part of our great crew?

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