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twoday AI Agent

Organisations and their employees are plagued by the challenge of fragmented and unreliable data, which can cause inefficiencies and result in a poor customer experience. Employees often spend valuable time searching for information, while customers are left waiting for a response. This can lead to frustration and a negative impact on the overall success of the business.

twoday AI Agent is a game-changing solution that leverages the power of artificial intelligence to revolutionise data utilisation. By quickly gathering all of your company's data in one place and automating outdated and unmanageable processes, AI Agent saves you time, money, and effort that would otherwise be spent on manual labor. With AI Agent, you can provide your customers with superior service and take your business to the next level.

  • The concept behind AI Agent is built upon the groundbreaking ChatGPT technology. However, unlike ChatGPT, AI Agent provides complete information security and always delivers accurate and reliable information that is tailored to meet the specific needs of your company.

    twoday AI Agent can be securely trained to learn any information for any purpose, whether it be from a company's internal databases or external sources. The service is fully compliant with GDPR and other data protection regulations, ensuring that your company's data is always protected and handled in accordance with legal requirements.

  • twoday AI Agent can be connected to any pre-existing channel and it can be used for countless purposes, such as customer service automation, support for specialists, HR and financial processes or to offer instructions for staff members from a single place.

  • twoday AI Agent can easily be trained to learn all of the essential business data, no matter the source, and it can process data quickly without any limits. 

And best of all: the service comes with an operating environment ready at your service, so you can start using it right away, not after months or years of building.

Start using twoday AI Agent today, not tomorrow. 

Tekoäly AI Agent

Read our AI Agent customer cases:

VSP Improves Outsourced Customer Service Efficiency with twoday AI Agent

Finnish service company VSP uses twoday AI Agent to make its customer service more effective and meet modern service demands.

Artificial Intelligence Simplifies Access to Information Needed for Public Procurement

In collaboration with twoday, Hansel has developed an easy-to-use AI assistant based on a comprehensive, over 400-page manual on public procurement. This project demonstrates how AI can be used to streamline operations and save public funds.

Go On revolutionizes personnel services with Artificial Intelligence

Go On, a Finnish corporate chain providing personnel services, decided to implement the AI application twoday AI Agent in its various operations. The need to streamline processes such as communication between different stakeholders, internal information retrieval and marketing, drove the deployment ...

Check the video and see how easy it is to use the AI Agent

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For which purposes can AI Agent be used for? 

twoday AI Agent is a versatile service that caters to all types of companies that require quick access to information. By utilising the power of AI, the service helps you save valuable time, effort, and money while providing your customers with a superior user experience.

Customer journey

At different touchpoints of the customer journey, AI Agent can be integrated with background systems, which improves the customer experience with smoother and faster customer service. The service is tailored to meet the specific needs of your company, ensuring that it operates according to your preferences around the clock.

Data editing

AI Agent is a powerful tool that can be trained to perform a wide range of tasks, such as data editing and text translation. By leveraging the company's data, AI Agent is able to provide accurate and efficient translations. With its advanced capabilities, AI Agent can help streamline workflows and improve productivity across the organisation.

Supporting specialists

The service is designed to assist specialists in tackling complex tasks that require specialised expertise. With its lightning-fast data retrieval capabilities, AI Agent can quickly sift through vast amounts of information, freeing up specialists from the time-consuming task of manual data search. This allows specialists to focus on higher-level tasks that require their unique skills and knowledge, ultimately improving productivity and driving better business outcomes.

Financial management

AI Agent is a powerful tool that can automate a wide range of tasks related to invoicing, posting, reconciliation, maturity date deferring, debt collection, and more. By leveraging backend automation, AI Agent can streamline these processes, freeing up valuable time and resources for other important tasks.

Customer service automation

AI Agent replaces expensive and time-consuming chatbot projects. The service can be trained to reply in a desired manner by using company data. This way, the chatbot can easily be made into a customer servicing service that knows the company throughout. Additionally, the chatbot’s role, and even its style and tone of communication, can be adjusted.

Information exchange

By leveraging the company's data and knowledge, AI Agent can quickly respond to inquiries, saving customers and staff members valuable time and effort. This not only improves the customer experience but also enhances the productivity of staff members who can focus on more important tasks. With AI Agent, companies can provide fast and accurate responses to FAQ, improving customer satisfaction and driving better business outcomes.

Multilingual services

AI Agent can help and process tickets and emails or any other information in any language. It can translate information that it has learned in one language into other languages. AI Agent can be used, for example, as an interpreter in immigration settings. Compared to a regular interpreter, AI Agent does not just translate but also enriches the content it provides.

Content production

AI Agent can also create textual content based on company’s materials. It supports the writing process of product descriptions, invitations, articles and newsletters, for instance. It can help to save both the time and effort used for creating large quantities of content.

Guidelines and trainings

AI Agent can be trained to learn different kinds of guidelines and instructions, so that it can quickly provide information on how to act in certain situations. AI Agent can, for example, answer the questions of a new employee quickly and support them during their onboarding period.

twoday AI Agent helps to reduce workload and make information processing easier for many different roles

Imagine that you have the most experienced superhuman colleague or superintelligence who knows everything, who can reply to any staff or customer question and works 24/7/365 at your service.


Financial management

  • Save both time and money and increase your business efficiency by automating manual processes, such as invoicing, posting and maturity date deferring. 
  • Make better decisions and optimise your business by using real-time data. 

Company decision-makers

  • Attract customers by making processes more efficient and by offering better services.
  • Improve your company’s profitability by reducing costs and increasing profits with the help of automated processes and more efficient business.
  • Make employees’ tasks more enjoyable and motivating by freeing them from doing unnecessary manual labour and allowing them to work on more meaningful and challenging tasks.
  • Find new business opportunities with new ways to work.


  • Decrease the amount of manual labour and errors by automating and streamlining processes.
  • Make sure that employees are able to find and utilise the information they need (such as guidelines, employment terms, vacation-related information, intranet) easily.
  • Relieve stress, reduce workload and help your staff to execute their tasks more efficiently and more easily with the help of automated processes. 

End Customer

  • Enjoy quicker and easier communication 24/7/365.
  • Get accurate and correct answers to your questions without any delays. 

Customer Service

  • Provides quick and superior customer service in all existing channels and meeting points.
  • Provides correct information every time and, this way, ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Provides personalised services and improved customer experience.
  • Reduce the amount of manual labour and costs with the help of automation and easy deployment. 

Specialists and office employees

  • Find the correct information from large data masses in next to no time, whether you are looking for installation instructions, company financial data or customer case reports.
  • Make better decisions and optimise business actions by letting AI Agent process large data masses for you.
  • Stay up to date on changes and updates with the help of real-time data.
  • Work in a secure environment. 

Why is twoday AI Agent so superior?

It makes every interaction more personal

twoday AI Agent uses existing customer data and observations to create more targeted communication (e.g. targeted product and service recommendations). An AI-enhanced customer service ensures a smooth and personalised customer experience. The customer service agent knows you and your needs beforehand and can, hence, better help you. The service enables the creation of lasting and longer customer relationships by taking the customer needs into account better.

Customisable to the needs of your company

Thanks to its administration and training interface, training the agents of the service with the desired data is easy. At its simplest, one can give AI Agent, for example, a URL and it will then learn its content. Administration and training interfaces can be used for training and controlling agents created for different purposes and their levels of access. Other agents can be used by the organisation’s legal and HR departments, where the staff can access a company’s specific guidelines and instructions, whereas other agents can help staff or customers with information that is accessible to everyone.

Easy to integrate into current systems

The service is easily integrable into existing systems and it offers a flexible and scalable solution that fits the needs of your company. It has interfaces that enable the connection of different systems (such as customer service, case management, ticketing, help desk and CRM/ERP systems).

Boosts productivity

AI Agents boosts productivity in different organisations even more than computers did back in the day. This boost is all thanks to the automation of routine tasks and freeing specialists to work on more creative tasks.

Enables efficient control and utilisation of data

twoday AI Agent can be harnessed into retrieving required information from large pools of data.

Harmonises customer experience across all channels

With the help of this service, a cross-channel user experience harmony is possible to achieve, whether it is social media, chat, email or any other channel that the customers are using.

Quick deployment

The service comes with a working environment that is ready at your service and it is easy to implement into use right away without large, expensive development projects. You can see the benefits from day one.

Visible benefits

The service includes a reporting function that allows management to review reports on the benefits derived from using the service.

Correct information to right needs

AI Agent has an unlimited built-in database that understands user queries and retrieves relevant information. It can answer any questions, from salary related topics to company strategies, thanks to its learning capabilities. New agents can be created and information can be restricted to specific user groups, such as company management for confidential data. The agent's role and answer creativity can also be customised to meet specific needs.


twoday AI Agent can be securely trained to learn any information for any purpose, either from a company’s own databases or from other sources. The use of the service is completely GDPR and other data protection regulation compliant.

twoday AI Agent boosts the way of working more than computers did back in the day

In general, a considerable portion of staff working hours is dedicated to searching for and organising information. This can involve tasks such as formulating accurate answers in a manner that aligns with the company's preferences.

twoday AI Agent is an unique artificial intelligence application that boosts organisations’ information search and data processing and automates customer service. 

twoday AI Agent is a company’s very own superintelligence, which gathers scattered information together. It brings the required information together in next to no time and can formulate it into a format that the company prefers. 

twoday AI Agent can be harnessed into retrieving information from large masses of data. The application can easily be trained to learn any information for any purpose from a company’s own databases or from any other source. This enables faster and a more accurate information retrieval and improves customer service. 

AI Agent can create, for example, text needed by a lawyer at the right time and for the right purposes. It can also create information needed by HR, software manuals, product manuals, accounting software manuals, FAQ pages etc. After it has been trained, it is able to produce any information needed by the company or its employees, and it understands the questions asked correctly. 

AI Agent’s idea is based on the revolutionary ChatGPT, but, unlike ChatGPT, twoday AI Agent service is designed to be completely secure and compliant with GDPR and other data protection regulations.

Taustalla on vallankumouksellinen ChatGPT, mutta aina oikeaa ja luotettavaa tietoa tarjoavana sekä tietoturvallisena versiona yrityksellesi räätälöitynä. 


Smart program 

The Smart program enables organisations to swiftly leverage the full benefits of AI Agent with the assistance of our experts. Through this program, organisations will learn to use the AI Agent and train the first agents, also the technical environment will be deployed. Going forward, organisations can independently train new agents and manage the service.

Deployment of the service 9800€ - This includes deployment with twoday’s AI Agent user interfaces, 3 workshops for finding the first use-cases and training the agents plus training for the administration tool.*

Continuous use 980€/month - includes 1000 threads (GPT3 languagemodel).**

** Contact us for a separate offer if you are interested in having more threads.

* Integrations of the service into customer's environment are performed at an hourly rate.

Order twoday AI Agent or contact us for more information

Take your organisation’s data processing and customer service to a whole new level with twoday AI Agent. You will save time, effort and money and can offer improved services for your customers as well as a superior user experience. 

You can deploy the service right away without having to wait for months or years for the service to be built.